Geriatric Behavioral Health & Senior Care

Allegiance Health Management provides an inpatient treatment program for the psychiatric care of senior adults with serious mental disorders.The goal of our program is to fully meet the needs of the senior psychiatric patient whose treatment needs are distinctly differ from the younger adult. Seniors in acute psychiatric crisis urgently require a safe environment, a structured and supportive social milieu, and intensive therapeutic intervention. The program combines these elements into a unique and effective treatment program. Every aspect of treatment is focused on assisting patients in making a rapid recovery.

The physical design provides a safe and sensorially stimulating environment for all patients and space for therapeutic and recreational activities. The treatment program implemented encourages patient involvement and responsibility through participation in an ongoing therapeutic community. Daily involvement in the program develops a sense of mutual interdependence with caregiver and patient. Through this coordinated effort, the program provides the supportive structure and therapeutic expertise needed to help geriatric patients overcome their current crisis and help develop a more fully satisfying life.